The Royal Twins

Six months ago on December 10th, the royal twins,  Jaques and Gabriella were born. Gabriella was born first, although it is Jaques who is next in line for the throne due to Monaco’s laws of succession favouring males. On January 7th, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were ready to show the twins to the Monegasque people.


The twins were baptised on May 10th, wearing traditional christening gowns made by Dior, whilst their mother wore a fabulous Dior Haute Couture 2015 ivory shirt with a matching knee length skirt.

On December 17, Princess Charlene revealed why she named her twins Jaques and Gabriella, “I was trying to think of names, and when I came across Gabriella I immediately found it a special beauty. I thought it would be perfect for our little girl. As for Jacques, it’s a French name, very common in South Africa — there, it’s pronounced a little differently. It was ‘imported’ by the French in the seventeenth century, in a time when trade was developed. Rainier is honoured in our son’s middle name as it is the name of several past princes of Monaco. This seemed an appropriate choice,”

Since their christening, the twins have been deliberately keep out of the limelight and away from the press, so that their adjustment to their new home could be as happy and easy as possible.