This could kill the iPhone 8 – and Apple shares

In just a few days, Apple is going to launch the iPhone 8.

For tech stocks… and for the shares of Apple – the world’s largest company by market capitalisation – there is nothing more important than this.

If sales don’t go according to “analyst expectations,” Apple shares will crater… and drag the rest of the stock market with it.

Hitting those targets might be harder than previously… because rumours have it that the new iPhone will cost more than US$1,100.

That’s a lot of money.

There’s more… a festering global conflict could push the price of a new iPhone 8 up even higher. And that would kill the launch… and Apple’s share price.

You see, the iPhone is nothing more than an expensive pocket bulge without what I call “hot commodities”… a little-known group of 17 elements that are tiny but essential building blocks to modern society.

Among other things, they’re in the iPhone’s screen… speakers… even the vibration unit.

Right now, a square off between Donald Trump and China could send the price of these “hot commodities” much, much higher… and potentially put Apple’s supply of these essential elements at risk.

I’m not just making empty predictions. This is already happening.

One stock that moves in tandem with “hot commodities” is already up 40 percent this year.

And if the history is any indication, we could see it soar 300 percent in the next six months… and skyrocket up to 1,000 percent over the coming 18 months.

So you’re not yet too late to get in on this trade of the decade. It could easily pay for the new iPhone many times over.

Get the full details on how here.


Kim Iskyan
Publisher, Stansberry Churchouse Research