Three of the best day trips to enjoy while living in Monaco

The area surrounding Monaco offers a wonderful range of towns, seaside villages, and bustling cities, offering the ideal day trip for those living in the Principality. With the French Riviera on Monaco’s doorstep, and Italy just a stone’s throw away, there’s no shortage of experiences to be enjoyed. Here’s three of the best day trips to enjoy from Monaco.

1 – Soak up city life in Marseille

Enjoy a slice of city life and head to Marseille, the largest city in the south of France and the second largest in the country. Boasting a blend of old traditions and new customs, the port city of Marseille offers a wonderful melting pot of cultures just waiting to be discovered and is a popular day trip with those living in Monaco. Indeed, this laid-back city offers the ideal antidote to Monaco’s glitz and glam, boasting a relaxed carefree vibe. As one of the closest major ports to Africa, Marseille boasts a strong African influence, especially when it comes to its cuisine. Head to the city’s Cours Julien area for a wonderful selection of African restaurants serving authentic cuisine. For a more traditional French dish, then make sure you plump for Bouillabaisse, a traditional dish of Marseille that is simply delicious.  

Monaco to Marseille by car: 2 hours 20 minutes

2 – Discover art galore in Nice

Just a short distance away from Monaco is the wonderful port of Nice, one of the most popular day trips for those living in Monaco, especially with art enthusiasts. This vibrant city offers old-world opulence coupled with a wonderful range of sites and attractions. Famed artists such as Matisse called Nice home, and others such as Picasso and Renoir fell in love with the city, so it comes as no surprise that Nice boasts a wonderful art scene. Top museums include the Musees Matisses, Chagall, and d’Art Moderne, which each feature a spectacular roster of changing exhibits.

Monaco to Nice by car: 30 minutes

3 – History and culture awaits in Genoa

Enjoy a slice of Italy while living in Monaco with a day trip to the Italian city of Genoa, nestled along the Italian Riviera. Italy’s largest seaport, much of the city is encompassed within a UNESCO World Heritage, making this a fabulous city for culture vultures to explore. Once one of the wealthiest destinations in the world and greatest trading powers, Genoa has a rich and fascinating past just waiting to be discovered. Head to Genoa’s old town and explore its narrow streets bustling with fashionable shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants, then head to the UNESCO-listed Palazzi dei Rolli which boasts a number of jaw-dropping palaces, including Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco, and Palazzo Doria Tursi. A must-do day trip when living in Monaco!

Monaco to Genoa by car: 2 hours 30 minutes.

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