Unique Opportunity to Invest in Florida Wine Pub

Napa  River  Wine  Pub  LLC ( NRWP )  a  U.S. ( Florida) based  Limited  Liability  Company  is  seeking  accredited  investors  to  fund  a  unique  wine  pub  concept  to  be  located  along  the  west  coast  of  Florida.

exterior day shot
Exterior mock up of the Napa River Wine Pub

NRWP is seeking up to Four Million Dollars USF ($4,000,000) by offering Senior Secured Convertible Debt paying Ten Percent Per Annum (10%). At year three, there is an option to convert to Membership Interests (equity) in the Company. The Company is the master developer of the NRWP business system. Our business system has two primary channels for revenue: identifying, building, and operating restaurant locations operated as NAPA RIVER WINE PUB© company locations, and selling franchises to independent operators from which the Company will receive both lump-sum royalty payments and continuing royalty payments.

As part of our business development, NRWP is offering these Interests to “Accredited Investors” and “Qualified Investors” to open two ($1,000,000) and up to eight ($4,000,000) company-owned locations. NRWP will begin offering the business format franchise upon the opening of the initial Company pub and the completion of required franchise disclosure documents and financing packages.

NRWP’s Advantages:

  • Our business is to serve upscale California (and international varietals) red and white wines utilizing a temperature controlled wine keg dispensing system using “inert gases” (Nitrogen and CO2)and gourmet Tapas food offerings.
  • Our wine servings will experience no oxidation, ensuring fresh wines from the first glass to the last!
  • It is also an environmentally friendly method of dispensing wines and craft beers. There are no bottles to lose to spoilage or theft, quicker service, no bottle inventory, thus a measurable inventory and quality control advantage over competing food and beverage operations.
  • Our custom system will serve  up to twenty wines with six to ten craft beers giving  NRWP maximum flexibility  in wine and beer offerings.
  • Our upscale tapas menu will change from time to time, complimenting the wine and beer selections while remaining new and exciting for our customers, without increasing our operational costs.

The business advantages of  this “tap and pour” system is clearly demonstrated in many “wine on tap” locations throughout the United  States. NRWP will have the advantage of being one of the first within the State of Florida.

The distributor-centric liquor laws in Florida had prevented dispensing by wine kegs, but this specific prohibition was recently changed. NRWP will be being an “early adopter” of this method. NRWP will also deploy fully digital food and beverage integrated point of sale (“POS”) and accounting software eliminating one level of management from our operations. This will increase our operational controls and profitability.

The  law  firm  of  Walters, Levine, Klingensmith & Thomison, P.A. located  in Tampa  and Sarasota  will  be  representing  Napa  River  Wine  Pub  LLC  in  regards  to  this  investment  by  investors  from  overseas.

Our  57  page  offering  summary  with  five  year  forecast  Pro  Forma  (with Analysis) is  available  to  those  interested  parties  once  a  Non  Disclosure  Agreement (NDA)  is  executed.

Please  visit  our  website  www.NapaRiverWinePub.com for  further  information.  Within  our  website  we have  included  videos  as  well  as  3-D  renderings of the proposed restaurant  design.

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