University challenge

For parents and young people confused about how to choose, prepare and apply to US or UK universities, an informative talk to be held in Monaco may help.

Carfax Education Monaco is delivering an evening presentation on Thursday 15 November at 7pm at the CREM, entitled Successfully Navigating the US and UK University Application Process.crem-clubThe sumptious CREM hosts the Carfax Education Monaco event

The talk is geared towards both parents and students and will be given in English (with a Q&A session in both French and English). Some topics covered include:
•    How to choose the best uni for you
•    Visiting universities before you make your final choices – what to look for, what questions to ask
•     Strategic planning – knowing what the deadlines are and what you need to do in what order
•    UCAS applications
•    How to improve your profile before applying
•    Explaining the French/Monegasque grading system in your application
•    SATs – what do they consist of and when to start preparing for them
•    TOEFL – what is it and why even native speakers find it challenging

Grisel Damgaard, Director of Carfax Education Monaco knows well how complex the processes are when it comes to trying to enter a top UK or US university. She said: “We know that as parents it can be pretty stressful to be in charge of managing your child’s university selection and admissions process. From start to finish there are so many factors to take into consideration and it can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why we suggest to families to start early.”

The formal presentation will be given by Jeanne Spoeri, Academic Director of Carfax Monaco office and Julia Sutton-Mattocks, Educational Consultant from the Carfax offices in Oxford and London.

Jeanne said: “What we offer at Carfax is expertise, information and logistical help. We sit down with clients and help them set into motion the best strategy and action plan possible. Some clients come to us for university selection services, some for individual SAT and TOEFL preparation classes, and others just need assistance with applications or UCAS personal statements.”harvard-universityGetting through the doors of somewhere like Harvard can be hard

Attendees will have the chance to ask the hosts questions on their own specific case and get free, impartial advice on the overseas application process.

Carfax Education Monaco is the only international education consultancy in Monaco and on the French Riviera. The company specialises in one-to-one exam preparation services for TOEFL, SAT, IGCSE, IB and GMAT. They also offer individual language lessons and after-school academic support in various subjects for international school students.

The presentation will take place at CREM in Monaco and will be followed by a cocktail. Entry is free to both Members and Non-members.

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