Up Close with Tony Steward: An icon of Superyacht Parties

When it comes to hosting events, the world’s A-list and biggest business moguls know how to impress with sophisticated venues, exceptional catering and guest lists filled with glamorous attendees.

Everyone has their own story to tell and when your lifestyle means nothing is done in half measures having the right entertainment at your event can be transformative.  

Drawing on a performance career which has spanned over three decades, Tony Steward is one of a select number of magicians to be awarded an Associate to the Inner Magic Circle and he’s taking the reins by making close-up magic the new benchmark for luxury entertainment.

Tony is one of the most in demand magicians on the planet, often fielding requests to be at multiple global events at the same time.  He can be entertaining at a high-profile yachting event in Monaco or Cannes, before jetting off to a luxury brand launch in Singapore and following that by joining a milestone birthday celebration in Dubai. 

David Smith, Global Booking Manger for Tony Steward, affirms that due to his profile booking early is advised.  “Tony is often in demand in different locations at very short notice. Essentially, we need a minimum of 10-14 days to create our bespoke illusions and physically create the props and elements which are all custom made.”

A New Benchmark for Luxury Entertainment

Working closely with superyachts and prestige clientele, testimonials reinforce his reputation. “To have been seen and recommended by people operating at a high level of confidentiality on board superyachts is a glowing credit to our portfolio,” states David.  “There are many celebrities in music, film or sports that Tony has entertained for privately that nobody knows about.”

Tony has established himself as a firm fixture for Monaco’s elite parties and events looking for roaming entertainment. He moves between groups of guests, entertaining briefly with some tricks before moving on to the next group.  Thirty-plus years of performing means he’s adept at successfully making guests feel special and fully immersed in the experience. 

As a client, you should undertake research before booking a close-up magician for a private or corporate event.   “Ability is a driver for exceptional standards.  Clients should be looking for a minimum of MMC status, which is Member of the Magic Circle meaning the magician must know at least two other members, face an interview and then an examination or thesis,” David states confidently.  “A higher level of membership is known as AIMC, Associate to the Inner Magic Circle. This truly separates magicians as it’s not easy to achieve this degree; if an AIMC Magician has been awarded the degree with ‘Silver Star’ it signifies the holder’s excellence as a performer (as opposed to historian, inventor or noteworthy volunteer to the society).”

David highlights some considerations that VIP clients should factor in, especially in Monaco where the guest list often includes famous names.  “I’d advise anyone to check a close-up magician is a full member of Equity which is a union of over 45,000 performers and creative practitioners,” David says. “This gives confidence that the performer is backed by appropriate insurances specifically designed to cover them in their line of work.” 

Magic is a universal language, so it speaks to varying international audiences and age ranges.  And – of course – when guests arrive at your event, you want it to be the perfect embodiment of personality, indulgence and wonder.  On the path to success, we clarify the details of the places and people that bring out joy and Tony Steward invariably comes to mind.


Photo credits: Tony entertaining potential yacht owners and industry professionals quayside at the LYBRA Superyacht Show in Barcelona [All photos : Breed Media]