Waiting for the Cala del Forte

Godot-like, Ventimiglia has been waiting….  For some twenty years the municipality has planned a new harbour, seen as essential for the border town – but to date it has not arrived.  Ventimiglia remains the only metropolitan area of over 30,000 inhabitants along the Riviera without such a facility.

But now the foundation stone has been laid for a new project. which they claim will be the “most environmentally friendly harbour in Europe.’ Previous versions were rejected by the region for environmental reasons; however, the new plan, whose construction cost is estimated at €80 million, is in the form of a shell, allowing it to overcome the need for a traditional outer embankment which would be particularly damaging to the underwater environment. “The ecological impact will be minimal both visually and also in terms of underwater biology,” said architect Filippo Marco Alborno, and importantly he adds that the classic rock of Margunàira will be safeguarded.The Cala del Forte, as the new marina is called, extends over an expanse of water of 65 thousand square meters, with 7 piers. It provides 348 places for boats from 6.5 to 45 meters, as well as 15000 square meters of public green areas, 13000 square meters of parking, plus 44 apartments, shops, and three restaurants. 

Proponents of the scheme promise that the construction which is planned for the Marina San Giuseppe on the right bank of the mouth of the Roya, will work well in Ventimiglia and will add great value to the old town immediately below the port. In addition it will be a source of revenue for the city and its inhabitants by attracting customers with high purchasing power.