World-class safety in Monaco is on the rise

For tourists and residents alike, Monaco has a well-established reputation of being safe. Figures released by the Monaco Public Safety Department earlier in 2020 back up this status, showing that general crime is on a downward trend in the Principality.

At the same time, there are clear plans from the Minister of the Interior Patrice Cellario to continue to improve what is already an impressive security system in Monaco. All this makes it a very safe place to both live and visit. Let’s explore Monaco’s safety credentials below.

Monaco safety: Key info and statistics

Decreased burglaries and pickpocketing

The latest annual statistics show that between 2016 and 2019, overall crime fell by 16% and street crime decreased by 52%. What’s more, between 2018 and 2019, total crimes fell from 936 to 889 incidents and street crime decreased from 121 to 90 incidents. Burglaries fell by 23% and pickpocketing declined by a dramatic 73%.

High police officer presence

There continues to be one police officer for every 100 residents in Monaco, one of the most impressive ratios in the world. In comparison, England & Wales had 211 citizens per police officer in 2019, and Hong Kong had 487 people per police officer in 2020.

Advanced security projects

It was announced that amongst the Monaco security projects this year, the government planned to create a special Drone Interception unit, introduce more measures to protect elderly and vulnerable people, and add a new speedboat for the maritime police.

A new Quality of Life Protection Unit also came into operation in February 2020. Staffed with 10 officers and responsible for traffic regulation, this unit fights against loud cars and motorbikes to make sure Monaco stays a quiet and peaceful place.

Good schools

Residents can also feel reassured that their children are in safe hands in Monaco, with all of the Principality’s schools – both international and French – considered to be good education facilities where children can learn in a secure environment.

Solo travellers’ paradise

People can feel completely comfortable visiting and exploring Monaco by themselves or in a group without a guide, and can have their choice of places to stay, with the Principality offering no ‘bad’ districts and a number of world-renowned hotels. Monaco’s safety is just part of what makes it a very attractive place to holiday.

Safe beaches

There is supervised sea swimming and a jellyfish net at Larvotto Beach during the bathing season, meaning families can enjoy a safe natural swim in Monaco during the summer months.

The Principality lives up to its reputation of safety, making it an advantageous place to live and a relaxing place to visit. Why not buy a property in the world’s safest place and benefit from the security that Monaco offers?